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    HOW TO DRAW EYELASHES : Drawing Eye Lashes with the Following Tutorials & Lessons

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    Drawing Eyelashes

    Drawing Eyelashes

    In this project, you are challenged by the adversary of portrait artists –natural looking eyelashes. This lesson offers an understanding into the qualities of correctly drawn eyelashes, and shows you how to set up and draw the outline of an eye and add eyelashes.

    How to Draw Eyelashes!

    How to Draw Eyelashes!

    Here you will learn how to draw human eyelashes!

    How to Draw Eyelashes

    How to Draw Eyelashes

    Eyelashes should be drawn thick and bold at their base, becoming gradually thinner and lighter towards their tips. Eyelashes grow out from the eyelids (not the whites of the eyes). They grow in groupings and the curve of each lash or grouping can vary in direction from one to the next. Eyelashes are unevenly spaced and coexist at many different lengths. As they approach the corners of the eye, eyelashes lengthen and thicken so as to protect the eyes.

    How to Draw Cartoon Eyelashes Video Tutorial

    How to Draw Cartoon Eyelashes

    The eyelashes in my opinion for cartoon characters are signature of women. Unless you're trying to make the character look either innocent.

    How to Draw Eye Lashes Video Tutorial

    How to Draw Eye Lashes Video

    On the eye lashes, the eye lashes from the bottom eye are going to come from the back line that we drew earlier; and they are usually a lot shorter than the top eye lashes, so they just kind of come out in the back and then just curl down, like this.

    Tutorial : Drawing Eyelashes in Adobe Illustrator 9

    I used Illustrator 9 to make this tutorial, so the windows might look a bit different, but the steps should be essentially the same.

    How to Draw Eyelashes : Tips and Tricks for Drawing Realistic Lashes - Realistic eyelashes can be what separates a good drawn eye from a great one. Here is how to draw eyelashes that pop off of the eye and look convincing.

    How to Draw Eyelashes - You don't have to be Rembrandt or Monet to draw a simple human face. The next time you try to draw a portrait, even if it's just a time-killing sketch, you can make your rendering more realistic and lend it some personality by getting the small details right, including the eyelashes.

    MORE EYELASH DRAWING TUTORIALS ON THE EYE DRAWING LESSONS PAGE (Almost all of these lessons include how to draw the eye lashes on the eye).





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