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    7 Printable Cartoon Mouths & Lips Reference Sheets

    Drawing Mouths and Lips Reference Sheets

    Make sure to print out these cartoon mouths and lips reference sheets. Practice these and keep them for reference when you are drawing cartoons and illustrations of people.

    Drawing Mouths & Lips – How to Draw Mouths Step by Step Lesson

    How to Draw Lips and Mouths

    I couldn’t find any online tutorials / lessons about how to draw proportional mouths and lips in a detailed structural way…so I decided to show you step by step how to draw the mouth in this way

    How To Draw Lips

    A little Tutorial on how to draw lips in five easy steps.

    How to Draw Cartoon Lips

    How to Draw Lips2.gif

    Female lips are more challenging to draw than men's lips because they have more definition.

    How to Draw Lips

    How to draw Lips7.jpg

    At first try, drawing lips seems very difficult. Your first drawing comes out simplistic, the next over-detailed and wrong. It seems that without a complex understanding of shading and depth, you'll never be able to draw a perfect pair of lips. Not true! While all art is subjective, this article will give you a basic understanding of how to draw lips in a realistic fashion. Use this as a jumping off point to let your creativity flow.

    How to draw lips

    How to draw Lips8.jpg

    This tutorial Explains how to draw the structure of the human lips

    How to Draw Lips

    How to draw Lips9.jpg

    An image that explains every thing you need to know about how to draw lips

    How to Draw Lips

    How to draw Lips12.jpg

    In this section you can see lips being drawn step by step

    How to draw sexy lips

    How to draw Lips13.jpg

    Although this tutorial will specifically draw sexy lips but this will also have benefitial info for drawing in general

    How to Draw Lips

    How to draw Lips14.jpg

    This is really basic. If you want to make your lips look all kissable , just follow the tips but take your time and dont hurry like me

    How to Draw a mouth and teeth

    How to draw Lips15.jpg

    This tutorial to show the different steps that I take in drawing a realistic mouth, lips, and teeth. There are many different methods though, so don't rely purely on this one

    How To Draw The Rolling Stones Lips And Tongue

    How to draw Lips16.jpg

    In this tutorial  you will learn how to draw the Rolling Stones lips and tongue

    How to Draw Luscious Licking Lips

    How to draw Lips17.jpg

    This tutorial will be showing you how to draw luscious licking lips step by step

    How to Draw Lips on Anime Character

    How to draw Lips21.jpg

    Traditionally, Anime/Manga characters are portrayed as "lipless". However, it is possible to have characters with full, even pouty, lips. The trick is to draw the mouth in the traditional anime way then apply the lips to it. If you keep the proportions right it will look good...I'll show you.

    How to Draw Lips

    How to draw Lips22.jpg

    The mouth and lips are a fascinating part of the face. Here are some tips and observations about drawing the mouth. First off, an "overview" on the mouth!

    How to Draw Lips

    How to draw Lips24.jpg

    Like hands, a lot of people battle with drawing mouths. Choosing to use either the line mouth or teeth clenched mouth, all the time. Too often we see characters speaking to each other with gritted teeth, what’s that about? Like before, it’s all about having fun and experimenting.

    How to draw Lips

    How to Draw Lips25.gif

    Learn how to draw Lips in four steps!  This free online people-drawing tutorial will give you the techniques of an artist in no time flat

    How to Draw Lips

    How to draw Lips26.JPG

    A Video Tutorial Showing how to draw Lips. The key principle I'd wanna get across here is that when you draw Lips, you should think of them on a curved plane. You can use your hand to feel over the surface of your own mouth to see just how curved that surface actually is. convincing vampire.

    How To Draw Girls Lips

    How to draw Lips34.jpg

    A Very Good tutorial showing step by step how to draw female lips

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