How to Draw Ash Hugging Pikachu with Easy Steps Drawing Tutorial

How to Draw Ash Hugging Pikachu with Easy Steps Drawing Tutorial


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Do you want to learn how to draw Ash hugging Pikachu. I have put together a step-by-step tutorial that will help you figure out how to draw Ash hugging Pikachu by using simple shapes to build up Pikachu’s form and Ash’s form. This is an intermediate Pokemon cartooning tutorial that older kids, teens, and adults will enjoy. Even some younger children might be able to draw Pickachu & Ash if you stand by to help with the instructions. Enjoy!

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How to Draw Ash Hugging Pikachu with Easy Steps Drawing Lesson

Step 1

Start drawing Pikachu by drawing the basic shapes that make up his form, such as a circle for the face….potato shape for the body and rectangles for the arms and legs. Make sure to leave enough room on the right for Ash to be drawn in.

Also find the center of Pikachu’s face by drawing a line through the center vertically (up and down) and horizontally (left and right). Notice that it goes around Pikachu’s face because it is round like a ball. Use these guidelines to help you place the facial features.

Step 2

Now draw a circle on both of Pikachu’s cheeks.. Draw upside down letter ‘u’s for each eye and an upside down triangle in the center, for Pikachu’s nose.

Step 3

Now draw Pikachu’s ears. Draw the top of Pikachu’s mouth by drawing an 2 upwards curved lines that meet in the middle in an upside down letter ‘v’ like shape.

Step 4

Draw a letter ‘U’ like shape for the bottom of Pikachu’s mouth. Draw Pikachu’s arms and hands within the rectangles that you drew in step #1. The fingers are simply drawn by drawing humps (as you would see in a letter ‘m’).

Step 5

Draw Pikachu’s feet by drawing ovals within the rectangles…at the top of the ovals there are 3 humps like in a letter ‘m’ with an extra hump.

Step 6

Start drawing Pikachu’s tail by drawing a rectangle that is on its side (the rectangle is a bit wider at the right). Also draw the knees by drawing a curved shape.


Step 7

Draw a letter ‘L’ to the left of Pikachu. Start drawing Ash’s face by drawing a square and an upside down triangle shape, as pictured above. Split the square in half, vertically and horizontally.

Step 8

Use the grid (guidelines) to help place Ash’s facial features. Draw a letter ‘z’ like shape in each cheek. Draw the nose and the top of Ash’s mouth.

Step 9

Now draw an upside down letter ‘u’ for each eye. Draw a letter ‘v’ like shape (that is slightly curved at the bottom) for the bottom of the mouth.

Step 10

The the baseball cap shape now (a half circle-like shape).

Step 11

Draw the right side of the hat by drawing a backwards letter ‘L’ that curves at the top towards the left. Draw the hole in the hat too.

Step 12

Draw the eyebrows. Draw 2 parallel lines for the cap’s strap.

Step 13

Draw a letter ‘w’ for bangs. Draw a letter ‘c’ for each ear. Draw a number ‘6’ in the right ear.


Step 14

Draw the outline shape of Ash’s face by utilizing the shapes that you drew in step #7. Draw the hair by drawing zig-zaggy letter ‘z’ and letter ‘M’ like shapes.

Step 15

Now draw Ash’s arm and hand. Lightly sketch a circle for the hand and draw the arms by drawing a bubble letter ‘L’ like shape (backwards).

Step 16

Draw an oval like shape for the sleeve. Draw the wristband by drawing 2 ovals and connect them.

Step 17

Draw the fist by drawing a backwards number ‘3’ like shape that follows the shape of the circle. Draw the shirt sleeve with wrinkles. Draw a letter ‘J’ shape for the right side of Pikachu’s body.

Step 18

Draw ovals for the top of the head and to the left of Pikachu’s hand.

Step 19

Now utilize the ovals that you drew in the previous step to draw the fingers that you see above.

Step 20

Draw a rectangle like shape for Ash’s body and for each leg.


Step 21

Now utilize the rectangle legs that you drew in the previous step to draw the pants around it…simply make the shapes a bit curvier, like I did.

Step 22

Draw a square like shape (curvier than a square) for the right shoe.

Step 23

Now draw the shoe around the shape from the previous step. Draw a line with an ‘x’ above it for the laces.

Step 24

Lightly sketch an oval with 2 horizontal lines that connect to a curved line….this will be the basic shape of the left shoe. Also put the pattern on the right shoe.

Step 25

Finish up the shirt and the shoe.

Step 26

Draw the patterns on the left shoe and finish up the shirt.

Step 27 – Finished Drawing of Ash Hugging Pikachu – Pokemon Drawing Lesson

Now you just have to erase lines that you don’t need and outline the ‘correct’ lines with a pen or marker. If you are having problems figuring out which lines to erase, then reference my drawing (above) for help.  Use your watercolors, markers, colored pencils, crayons, or chalk to color Pikachu and you will have an amazing Ash Hugging Pikachu to show off to your friends.

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