How to Draw Cartoon Skeletons with Step by Step Drawing Lesson for Halloween

How to Draw Cartoon Skeletons with Step by Step Drawing Lesson for Halloween

Halloween is drawing even nearer, so today we are going to learn how to draw cartoon skeletons with the following easy steps. These simple instructions are easy enough for young kids to follow with parental supervision…and older kids and teens will be able to do this themselves. The cartooning directions can be found below.

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How to Draw Cartoon Skeletons with Step by Step Drawing Tutorial for Kids on  Halloween

Step 1

Firstly, start lightly sketching the skeleton by lightly drawing a stick figure like the one above.

Step 2

Now lets focus on the skeleton’s head. You drew the head in the previous step (a circle). Now lightly draw a vertical and horizontal guideline through the center of the circle (the lines should be slightly bent as if being drawn around a ball.) Now lightly sketch a line that cuts the very bottom of the circle off.

Step 3

Now draw ovals (eyes) along the horizontal line … making them turn in towards each other, as seen above. Also draw a triangle with a curved bottom…along the vertical line, near the bottom. Also draw a half-circle shape right below the head (for the jaw). Make sure that the half circle jaw  is slightly shorter than the bottom of the circle-head shape above it.

Step 4

Okay, back to the whole body again. Draw circles where the knees and elbows should be. Draw hump shapes for fingers – or if it helps, picture them as number ‘3’s with an extra hump.  Also, put imaginary guidelines through the stomach (oval) shape. Draw one line vertically, through the center (line going up and down)..and draw 2 lines horizontally (line that goes left to right) so you break the stomach into 3 even parts…as pictured above.

Step 5

Now draw lines at either side of the fingers. Lightly draw a thin oval from the top of the stomach, down to the 2nd line…as pictured above. Then lightly draw 3 letter ‘u’s on top of this oval.

Step 6

Now draw number ‘3’ like shapes at the bottom of each bone (like where they hit the elbows and knees and where they hit the foot and hand). Look at the picture to see where I drew them.

Now draw the outline of the ribs that you lightly sketched in the previous step. See how we did it to get an idea of how to draw it. Also draw 2 lines on either side of the bone lines that you drew in step 1.

Step 7

Here is a close up of where the leg bones connect to the belly. Below the ribs is the part of the body where the hips are…you can draw this part as a lima or kidney bean shape….as seen above.

Step 8

Now this is a close up of the skeleton’s feet. Draw an upside down letter ‘u’ shape for the foot and draw #3 like shapes for the toes …. but with  an extra hump.

Step 9

You just draw a comic style skeleton for the Halloween season!!! Just outline the skeleton with a dark black marker and erase any lines that you don’t need…now you just have to show your skeleton off to your friends and family! I hope that you had fun.

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