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    ELEMENT of MOVEMENT IN ART & DESIGN COMPOSITION : Use Repetition, Rhythm, & Action to Create Unity in Your Drawings

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    Composition in Art Part 2 : Eye Movement

    Composition in Art Part 2 : Eye Movement

    Movement is one of the essential principles of art. Most, if not all of the eight principles of art deal greatly on composition. If you want stronger compositions, study the principles of art.

    How to Teach the Art Elements of Line and Movement to Kids - The presence of movement in an image can change it from just a picture to a work of art. Children are usually quite capable of creating static drawings, but when it comes to creating a sense of motion, they stumble. An easy way to teach students to imbibe their image with movement is to show them how to convey movement through the use of lines. With flowing, well-placed lines, students can create captivating, dynamic images.





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