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    ART TEXTURES PRINCIPLES & ELEMENTS IN DESIGN COMPOSITION : Use Textures to Create Interest in Drawings

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    How to Draw Pepe Le Pew How to Draw Tom and Jerry

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    Drawing Texture

    Drawing Texture

    There are a few samples of different textures one can create using different shading techniques. Read each description and try for yourself.

    Drawing Texture Library

    Actual and Visual Textures

    Examples of textures and surfaces drawn in different media

    Draw a Dog's Texture

    Draw a Dog's Texture

    Dog Drawing - adding fur texture

    Elements Of Design: Texture

    Elements Of Design: Texture

    Texture On to the third element of design in our series. Previously we looked at the line and shape and how they can be used to enhance your design and communicate a message. Today we’re looking at texture.

    Structures As Patterns and Textures: The Elements Of Design Part IV

    Structures As Patterns and Textures: The Elements Of Design Part IV

    Structures, specifically patterns and textures, are used to differentiate one form from another and a form from it’s surrounding space. They also add interest, depth, and a sense of realism to your design. They can be added to individual forms or to the space around forms and they are created through organized or random structuring of elements.

    Touch: Creating Rubbings and Drawing Textures

    Touch: creating rubbings and drawing texture

    Our hands and eyes are profoundly connected and touch often accompanies the act of looking. In this exercise, you'll start to explore the connection between touching and drawing.

    Color Pencils Exercises : Experimenting with Texture - Experimenting, practising with small areas of color, 'playing' with the medium, is the artist's equivalent of a musician's playing scales and improvising. Try this exercise to find out what you can do with colored pencil. You don't need a huge box of pencils - you can start off with whatever you have.





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