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    Selection of a Subject for Your Drawings

    Selection of a Subject for Your Drawings

    It is strange what a long time it takes before the beginner can learn to choose a subject that composes well.

    Choosing a Subject to Draw : Draw Drawing Subject Choosing Still Life

    Choosing a Subject to Draw : Draw Drawing Subject Choosing Still Life

    There are many easily found subjects around the home to draw. One must remember early on that the aim is to choose objects to draw that may help to develop skills. A selection of widely varying items for a still life composition may in this case be suitable.

    Ideas for Painting in the Garden

    Ideas for Painting in the Garden

    Painting out of doors has a special appeal for any aspiring artist trying to find artistic inspiration. But painting in the garden is a great way forward into landscape painting, for it contains lots of interesting subject matter for painting.

    Subject Matter in Art

    Subject Matter in Art

    What makes an artist choose a subject and paint it in a particular way? Artists all have their own reasons for how they compose or make subject matter choices in a painting. Sometimes we work on a theme for a while, sometimes we paint what simply catches our eye and other times there are more complex ideas at work.

    Before You Run Out of Ideas : Try One of These! - Sometimes when you look at a blank page, your mind goes blank too. You want to draw or paint, but what? Here are six sources of inspiration to get you started drawing, painting, or even scrapbooking. Once you get started, you'll find that one idea leads to another. Try picking one theme to explore consistently over several days or even weeks, adding written notes about your thoughts and feelings to your sketchbook.

    Choosing a Subject for an Artwork - How do artists decide what to paint, draw, or sculpt? When you look at a painting of a bowl of oranges, do you wonder why the artist chose that subject, or does the image captivate you with the colours, textures, and composition of the fruits?

    How to Find Painting and Drawing Inspiration - Are you finding it difficult to find subjects you want to paint and draw?

    Painting Outdoors : Composing Your Subject Matter - Summer is here and our thoughts turn to fun and work outdoors. Aritsts add another dimension .. they almost always are thinking of painting what they see. For many of us, composing as we look around us is an acquired skill. Many, many of my students have remarked, usually soon after beginning to paint, that they are seeing even the common things around them in a brand new light. They suddenly realize that clouds are seldom plain white, trees trunks are not brown and water does not usually look blue.

    Subject Matter & Print Size - In the previous essay in this series, Art & Science, I discussed the relationship between the artistic and the technical aspects of photography. I now want to move to a reflection on the practical applications of this relationship. The first practical application I want to address is the relationship between subject matter and print size.

    What to Draw or Paint? - Drawing What You See Outside of Yourself. This is the easiest thing to do. It requires little thought (about as much as pointing a camera). I mean here the selection of subject - not the execution - which may be exceedingly difficult especially in changing light outdoors.






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