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    LEARN HOW TO DRAW Backgrounds and Interiors of Rooms and buildings in comics, cartoons, and caricatures

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    Drawing Backgrounds and Interiors of Buildings, Rooms in Comics and Caricatures


    [The above words are pictures of text, below is the actual text if you need to copy a paragraph or two]


    I give you here two views of an interior, showing the right and wrong way of grouping your furniture and bric-a-brac, so that parallel lines will not conflict with one another.

    In another part of this book I have made a sketch of the interior of a grocery store, to demonstrate how the long continuous lines should be broken into by other objects. Now I want to call your attention to the conflicting parallel lines in the sketch No. t, and the same interior as it should be drawn in sketch No. 2. This does not apply to interiors alone, but in the grouping of human and animal bodies the same rule should be followed.

    Don't overcrowd your drawings. Put in just enough to explain the joke, with sufficient details in the background to make the whole tolerable. There is such a thing as being too funny. Like the comedian of the stage, you must know when and where to stop or you will weary your audience.

    Don't get offended when anyone feels disposed to criticise your work. Even the criticism of an inexperienced person may put fresh thought into your own brain. The innocent prattle of a child will often give one an idea. The experienced artist welcomes criticism.





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