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    FIGURES IN PERSPECTIVE : How to Draw People with Perspective Drawing Techniques

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    In producing a picture with more than one figure, it is
    necessary to know how the figures in the background
    ish in size. This is called the perspective of diminution.
    When you look at a string of telephone poles, the one
    thest away appears smaller than the one nearest to you,
    even though all the poles are of the same length.


    The above images are examples of how this rule of perspective is
    applied. On No. 1 the eye level is at the skaters' knees. The
    parts of the figure that are above the eye level come down
    to the eye level and the parts of the figure below the eye
    level come to the same point on the eye level. Figures A
    and B are of the same height because they are the same
    distance from C.

    In figure two the eye level is at the chest of the models
    and in figure three the eye level is at their heads.
    Page 21 shows the same rule that was applied to the
    box in one and two point perspective as applied to the figure.
    Each upright on the square is substituted by a figure. In
    drawing a group of figures you must first establish an eye
    level and must recede in perspective down to a point on
    this level.






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