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    Drawing People's Arms, Hands with Drawing Lessons and Pictures

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    The arm is attached to the shoulder girdle consisting
    of the clavicle and the shoulder blade.

    Anatomy of the human hands and arms

    The humerus ( upper bone of the arm) is inserted into
    the cavity of the shoulder blade and is held in place by ligaments
    and membranes. The girdle moves with the lower
    ing and raising
    the arm. The lower bones of the arm called
    the ulna and the
    radius. The ulna fits into the lower end
    of the humerus on top
    ( the elbow) and the bottom is the
    little finger side. Next to
    the ulna is the radius, small at the
    top and large at the bottom
    and it rotates around the ulna
    and is the thumb side of the hand.

    The largest part of the arm is the Deltoid muscle which
    is connected at the clavicle across the head of the humerus
    and to the shoulder blade and halfway down the humerus
    on the outside between the bleep and tricep.


    The two large masses of the hand are the hand itself
    and the thumb on the back of the hand from the wrist.
    There is a continual step down to the fingers, the palm side
    of the hand is cup like in shape. On top of the hand the
    fingers start below where the hand bends at the knuckles,
    and in the palm the fingers start where the palm ends.
    It is insufficient to copy anatomical drawings. One
    must learn the shape of each part and be able to draw the
    shape in any position with the understanding of perspective
    and know how it works.




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