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    CAMERA OBSCURA : How to Draw with and Make a Camera Obscura

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    How to Draw a Cat Using a Camera Obscura

    How To Draw A Cat Using A Camera Obscura

    How to draw a cat using a camera obscura is discussed here.

    Vermeer and Camera Obscura

    Vermeer and Camera Obscura

    Early 'camera obscuras' were used by painters to devastating effect. Did Vermeer pioneer this technique to produce his 17th century interiors? Philip Steadman explores the man and the medium.

    Camera Obscura Invention - Drawing with a camera obscura was a tedious task and Niepce found his hands were not steady enough to draw the inverted images.

    Panoramic Drawings with Camera Obscura - The technique, which is very old--Leonardo da Vinci used it, as did most of the 'old masters' who painted landscapes--hasn't been lost. It's just been replaced, and most artists would be glad it's no longer used. The technique required a very cumbersome piece of equipment and, except in the dead of winter, the heat involved was terrific. Still, the technique is well-documented. It's called camera obscura.

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