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    DRAWING WITH YOUR NON-DOMINANT HAND OR WITH BOTH HANDS to Increase Your Creativity by Using Your Left and Right Side of Your Brain

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    Two Handed Drawing Exercises for Beginners

    Two Handed Drawing Exercises for Beginners

    Learn how to draw with both of your hands with the following two handed drawing exercises to increate creativity through this left & right side of the brain lesson.

    Wrong Hand Drawing Exercises

    Wrong Hand Drawing Exercises

    Wrong hand drawing works on the premise that as most people cannot draw very effectively with the hand that they are not used to using, being forced to use this hand will prevent them from relying on the safe tricks that they have developed.

    Learn to Draw Right with Right Brain Left Brain Exercise - This quick drawing exercise, developed by Dr Edwards and Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Inc, is an opportunity for you to experience first hand what both these different modes feel like.





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