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    How to Draw Manga / Anime Clothing with Drawing Lesson

    How to Draw Manga / Anime Clothing with Drawing Lesson

    Just like any other type of illustration, there are methods and strategies to drawing Manga / Anime clothes. Clothing is very important in Anime / Manga character drawing. You cannot deliver good character drawing without proper implementation of clothing. Manga / Anime illustration is rich in fashion so it is a great advantage to know how to draw clothing properly.

    Draw Anime Clothing Part 1: The Physics of Manga Clothing Folds

    How to Draw Manga / Anime Clothing / Clothes

    I was asked to put together a tutorial on clothing. I figured my goal shouldn't be to show you how to draw clothes. There's too many styles. So I thought it would be more useful to show you how clothes behave on the body. That way you can at least get the physics right and design whatever you want.

    Draw Anime Clothing Part 2: Buckles, Snaps and Laces

    How to Draw Manga / Anime Clothing / Clothes

    You would think the buckle is simple but most people represent it as a square box on a thick line. A little attention to detail will make your pics looks sharper. Draw the buckle as shown here with the strap overlapping the back end of the buckle and ticking into the loop.

    Manga Clothing and Folds : How to Draw Manga Clothes

    Manga Clothing and Folds

    This is a tutorial to give you some ideas on various types of clothing and folds.

    Reference: Men’s Clothing : How to Draw Anime Clothes

    How to Draw Manga / Anime Clothing / Clothes

    Thought I might as well share this with those who might need it. This would double as a reference sheet for clothing and folds/wrinkles. I varied body types a little too.


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