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    Drawing Manga Expressions and Emotions

    Drawing Manga Expressions and Emotions

    Facial expression makes an Anime character drawing alive. Always apply appropriate facial expression based on the mood of the character you are trying to depict. They eyes, brows and mouth are what makes a facial expression. Observe different faces below and see how the eyes, brows and mouth affect the overall appearance of the Manga / Anime face & head.

    Drawing Manga Emotions / Anime Expressions

    Drawing Manga Emotions

    The emotions especially comedic/exaggerated ones shown in many Animangas may be what helped Animangas become so popular. Yet, the emotions are quite hard to master, because it required a good understanding of how the emotions work in response to various situations.

    How to Draw Chibi Expressions Step by Step Tutorials

    How to Draw Chibi Expressions Step by Step

    Chibi characters are becoming more and more popular and there is so many things to learn when drawing Chibi faces, bodies, hair, and etc. Chibi is as you know, is a style that was developed from Japanese creators and designers.

    How to Draw Manga / Anime Expressions

    Draw Anime Expressions

    Every manga face is perfectly drawn making them really easy to learn from. This tutorial is probably one of my favorite lessons I have ever drawn in the manga category and I can’t wait to draw and upload more. There is so many different manga aspects to draw that it is almost overwhelming. I do hope though, that you have fun with this lesson that will teach you “how to draw manga expressions step by step”.


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