1. This is soooooo much fun drawing characters!!! I have drawn 6 drawings off of this website and going on to my 7th! Im only 11 and I have to say…I am a pretty sweet drawer!!

  2. mikayla

    i am only 11!! but i love to watch spongebob squarepants with my little sister!! i just had to draw the characters

  3. Christina

    Hey! Im only 8 years old and im not allowed to comment back but this was sooo good i had to!!! TY SO MUCH!!! IT WAS FAB!!!

  4. becky

    hey i love your drawings im better at spongebob than i am sandy and patric its soo god you should do the snail i forgot its name lol
    bye x

  5. contfidential

    I love drawing your stuff! Please do more!!!! It is soooo easy and i have trouble convincing my mom that i didnt trace it! 😀

  6. so good every spogebob characters i have drawn from this web and they all look great im 12 and my work looks arsome this wed kool but with a k love your web 😉

  7. velma graham

    this was a very interesting lesson. I am not an artist at all but following the prompts, I was able to have my drawing look pretty good in the end.

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