1. Jenni

    I would like to use the dog picture as part of my business logo – I wondered if you would let me know about your copyright and if you would be happy for me to use it? If you are, is there a cost you wold like me to pay you for using it?
    Thanks for your time

    • admin

      Hi Jenny – Thanks for your email – I’m glad that you like the dog – you may use the dog for your logo if you want… 🙂


  2. i thing u guys shoud finnsh the drawings cuz it cool and all but wat do u do next i mean cerisly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! next time i go back in this web sit it better be cangest ok went there man u guys how make this look stuppit!!!!!! l8ers

    • admin

      You have to click through to the next page – look at the bottom and / or top of each tutorial for the next page link

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