Drawing Trains in One Point Perspective with Easy Step by Step Tutorial

Do you want to learn how to draw in linear perspective with one point perspective drawing techniques? We have put together a tutorial in which you will learn how to draw a locomotive train in 1 point perspective with easy step by step instructions. Good luck.

Before we start drawing the train in perspective, let me give you a quickie lesson in Perspective Drawing or Reference this Tutorial on One Point Perspective.

Linear perspective is represented by lines. These lines, if drawn from the top and bottom of an object, seem to run to one point, far in the distance. You can see this when you stand in the middle of a railroad track. The lines of the rails seem to run nearer together, and the details sort of disappear and turn grayish in color as they go farther away from you.

Now when you wish to represent the world on a flat surface all the parts of the view that we see, must be drawn as it appears in nature; making the objects smaller and dimmer as they are more distant.

If you rub starch very thinly over a pane of glass, and, when it is dry, shut one eye, and keeping the head in one position, trace the lines of the roofs, and windows, and pavements, which you see dimly through the coating of starch, when you are done, you will find that you have a picture in true perspective.


You have, no doubt, seen a balloon go up, and noticed, when you were close to it, how large it was, and how as it went higher and farther, it grew smaller and smaller, and you watched it sailing through the sky, till it was a mere speck, and at last it was out of sight. This point, where the balloon goes out of sight, is called the vanishing point. The true horizon line, is where the lines drawn from the top and bottom of a row of houses, men, or other objects, meet and this horizon line is the point where the land and sky meet, and is always on a level with the eye.

Now lets draw a train in one point perspective.

Drawing Trains in 1 Point Perspective with Easy Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1

Firstly, draw a horizontal line for the horizon line.

Step 2

Now draw a point (for the vanishing point) on the left side of the horizon line (for the purposes of this specific tutorial).


  1. Michelle

    Wow! You are a great teacher! I needed this for a gift for a little boy who loves trains and was so well mannered at a recent bible study. I drew this on a rock for him with his name and would have never been able to do this without your directions! Thank you so much!

  2. kewl guy

    thanks, this really worked and helped me out a lot! I will certainly share this site with my family and friends! šŸ™‚

  3. Bren

    This is one of the best websites I have encountered. I am a very creative person. I have been sharing and selling my artistic skills, but I seemed to be lost when it comes to charging and building a career or business. Your website is what I have been seeking. I am so glad that I found you. I will certainly share this site with my friends and associates.

  4. H

    WOW! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This clears it up for me FINALLY! I have been trying to understand this for two years. It scared me bc it seemed like geometry which I failed. But the way you do it makes it so easy and bring out SUCCESS! THANKS!

  5. Donna

    Thank you. This is just what I was looking for. I am doing a scrapbook page of my son playing with a toy train set at christmas. I wanted to draw a traiin on the page and have that picture in the middle.

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