1. Oml, everyone’s spelling is wrong… Anyways, this site is okay. I am just doing this for a friend of mines. This site just made it way easier. I hope I can get more advanced into this…

  2. Alicia

    OMG this website helped me soooo much!!! is there other instructions on how to draw different flowers with easy directions like this??

  3. Nelo

    just love drawing… and I make card for family and friends….
    you can see them on Face book… under Agnelo Fernandes

  4. hi ,this site really helped me cause i have a project dew 2marow at school and needed an easy flower 2 make 2 lol soo thx sooo much 4 makin this site!!!!!!!!

  5. Miranda

    hello, this site helped me alot because i needed to draw an easy buttrcup flower for a project at school and your sitehelped me so much

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