1. Alan

    Thank you so much for teaching me how to draw my favorite animal ever. Now I can hang this up and be proud to know wide eyes will always awaken my room .

  2. bob da fishie

    hey great owl but ur site doesn’t have a how to draw a moon and i really want to use the owl in a great picture so plz were can i learn how to draw the moon!????

    • admin

      I’m sorry I missed this. To draw a Moon…get a cup. Trace the cup so that you have a circle. Then Take a smaller cup and put it halfway thru the first circle. Trace the smaller cup now. You will now have a moon. Erase the lines that aren’t part of the moon shape. This shape is also called a crescent. I hope this helps.

  3. mrs.somerhalder

    being busy with acting roles and not having much time to my self, i found this site is awesome for a little drawing time and btw this owl looks amazing!!!

  4. Eliie

    hey, this is a pretty cool site!
    I think the window on the left where u draw is pretty neat too!
    Anyways, I’ll be visiting a lot more in the future.
    Nice job.

  5. laura

    i’d like to use this drawing of the owl on a design i’m making to resell. what are the terms of use for that?

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