1. ann

    Quite easy to draw f theres a guide but with using imagination only ,oh its pretty tough to figured out!! The output was little diff. Frm it …

  2. Alex

    it was fun drawing him and it challanged me because it made me come out of my comfort zone which my art teacher tells us to do. It was easy untill i got to his ear i just couldn’t get it right, but other than that i love this website oh and TOM AND JERRY FOR LIFE=)

  3. Tom was not that difficult to draw and I only had to adjust my drawing a few times; but it was fun drawing him. As a kid I watched Tom and Jerry all the time after school instead of doing my homework, ha, ha.

    • admin

      Don’t worry – I did the same thing…after fighting my sister for the remote control while she was trying to watch Electric Company or something else that I hated. haha.

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