1. Emma Leigh Shular

    Super helpful for my school project. Did some perspective last year but I didn’t really pay attention. This year I’m more artsy and this helped me alot. Um sure with all the drawing tutorials on this website I’ll get an A. Thanks 😉

  2. Pratap Banerjee

    Awesome !!! I’m a beginner and I am finding this very useful. Guess this site is a blessing in disguise. Thanks once again.

  3. Melissa

    Ty I’m trying to refresh my memory on drawing perspective. Helped me! I need all the help with drawing I can get I stopped years ago now I’m starting back up so back to basics for me.I want to do watercolor and still life’s..haven’t tutorials on those?

  4. Maria

    Think your site is user friendly – and have saved it in my Favourites. I was ‘talented’ as a child did not pursue drawing and painting once I reached 19 years of age. Now in my sixties with time on my hands I find I have lost so much know how. Trying to get back into drawing and painting…. but oh what a challenge.
    Looking at at your site brought back memories. Cheers for now

    • admin

      Maria…I think that is the nicest compliment that I’ve ever had on the website. I’m so glad it helped you. Keep drawing…it is a LOT of fun, isn’t it?

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