1. Wow! This is very good. Very nice talent and I see even more potential in you. Major animation producer skills. I cannot animate. I’m simply a painter. This here is amazing.

  2. jada jackson

    wats up hommies i love this website i just mght not nver leave i love you guys your the best i hope that everyone has fun drawing have fun jada

  3. sarah

    These are fantastic! A great way to start your own character! Could i also have some more images emailed to me as different positions would be amazing. Thankyou!

  4. zmation

    it looks really good and easy to understand too. can you please email me few more reference images also? thx for the article

  5. MAdCat

    I Really Like this! Can You Plz Post more of this, I need like 100 Stickfures Doing difrent action, Difrent poses, I need the skeleton for creating a character. Plzz or just refer me to a website or pdf file where i can find more of this. Ty

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