1. Crystal

    I think its cute! But the only thing that could be better is the eyes I think. Its too bulky and looks like it will pop out! Lol just kidding.
    No actually its the eyes that make it look cute 😀

  2. rainbow ponies

    People who said bad things about the picture LAY OFF!It’s a KIDS DRAWING.GEEZ!

    My Motto:Peace+Love+Happiness+Hugs=ME!!(and rainbow ponies)

  3. jillian

    me to i love cats/kittens but it hurts when they scrach you . i feel like a artist when i draw this cat .just rember it hurts when a cat/kitten scraches you

  4. sommer

    this is not the right way do this heres my way, make a circle,add the ears,make 2 ovals in the circle, make 2 small ovals in the big ovals,then make a triangle for the nose,then add the moulth, then make the neck,then do the arms,then do the body,then do the arms,YUR DONE!

  5. this kitten looks like a tube. it also looks like someone does not know the first thing about drawing cats. here it my way to draw cats:
    draw 6 circles, all in a straight line. 4 of these will be paws and 2 will be cheeks.
    add a hump over the second and third circle.then draw one over the third and sixth circle.
    draw lines in in the first, fourth, fifth and sixth circle. these are the paws. add ears to the first hump.
    draw whiskers in the cheek circles. add eyes and nose to the first hump.
    draw a tail beside the last hump. add designs to your new, napping cat.

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