1. MAdCat

    Action Drawing
    Creating dynamic poses and using body language, models, you know,
    the onlly pdf version i found is by a guy named walt, but it isent what im really looking for

  2. MAdCat

    Hi! I really Like what im looking at!
    Im trying to find More lin eof action and poses in stick figure sketchs.
    CAn You Plz Post more of this! PLZZZZ!!! or refer me to a website of pdf file where i can see hundreds of stick figures in action, its suprisingly really hard to find exacly that. THaNK YOU

  3. Devandh

    for 10th level student wants to start career in animation but first step for drawing techniques learn in practical way pl. guide for the same we are lin bhuj kutch gujarat state pl. suggest center for this courses during vacation period.

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