1. Me

    Could use a bit of critiquing…You’ll want to make sure your line quality isn’t so rough. Also, the hair is just…jagged ends. Actually, you drew her like a boy. Without the hair, every characteristic, thick brows, minimal eyelashes, think nose, just screams ‘I’M A BOY!’ And there’s no need to be so heavy-handed on the nose shading. That shadow wouldn’t go that far. If you tried drawing this like a boy, with normal eyes, you’d end up with something pretty darn close to Aang from Avatar: The last Airbender. Additionally, the eye farthest from tour view would be thinner than the one closest to you.
    Overall, while this is good if you want to get a face shape, I’d suggest that you’d look somewhere else on learning to differentiate boys from girls, and how to draw hair.

    • admin

      Thanks for the critique. The person who made this tutorial isn’t here any more, otherwise I would share your critique with him. Thanks.

    • ShadyViolet

      Well… everybody has their own style of drawing eyes. It is sort of how you recognize the author. I suggest you search anime eyes copy other’s eyes until you think your ready to craft your own!

  2. Anime girl :)

    OMG thank you so much 4 this i could never draw this BUT………………………..NOW I CAN :D! & im super pumped! 😀

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