1. Though I like your drawing you didn’t explain it very well.
    Why didn’t you make a video for this like you have for frozen and all those other girls?
    You kind of just skip a chunk of it and it’s confusing for us “older teens,” as it is for kids..

    Please create more of this and for Princess Jasmine too as I find her hard to follow…..not just frozen.

    Frozen is getting worn out for sure.

    • admin

      Sorry…another artist did this tutorial so it is a different style. Everyone kept begging me for Frozen, that is why I did so many. If you want, I can do the Princess and the Frog again if you want me to.

  2. nay nay

    omg my tiana looks terrible so does my frog i wish they would have told me there is a frog 2 i started 2 sketch and everything and then when i scrolled down 2 comment i saw dat frog i waz salty den my frog kept on looking crazy but how come on step 13 his eyez are clearly closed but on step 12 his eyez are open

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