1. Jessica369

    OMG! Its a freaking pegacorn!
    That’s so awesome. Now I know how to do unicorns like this,etc.
    Really Awesome.

  2. amy

    i love this unicorn but gotta agree with ingridkitty it is a pegacorn i absolutely love it like so frickin bad 🙂 good job!!!!!

  3. IngridKitty

    Just wanted to tell you this is a Pegacorn not a unicorn, it has Wings and a horn making it a pegacorn. Pegasus don’t have a horn and unicorns don’t have wings, it is a P-E-G-A-C-O-R-N 😀

  4. Caitlin

    OMG ITS SO FLUFFY IM GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE UNICORNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i alawys hated how i couldnt draw them! so thanks cus this is super easy and my unicorn didnt turn out ugly!!!! lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. heyyyyyy i saw this unicorn and it made me realize me and my friends always joke around about unicorns and we just love how they are and how little kids love them haha….but anyways i loved this unicorn best because i could actually draw it pretty good and even if i couldnt draw it good i still like it just because of the colors and………well…….its………..COLORFUL!!!!!!!HAHA.And if whoever looks or sees this if you have seen Dispicable Me this unicorn looks so……..FLUFFY IM GONNA DIE haha well that was my opinion but now i got my friend here with me who wants to give her opinion soooo i hope its as good as mine so yea here you go……..! hey this is HER friend i just wanted to say this unicorn isn’t pretty at all……….its BEAUTIFUL…..haha but anyway i have looked up cute unicorns on google before and none this cute came up yes that is my nicest way of saying this is the cutest unicorn i have ever seen……..on google so yea ……ok here is my friend again cause i dont know what else to say ……… ok hey im back and i got some stuff to say well this is the END SO IM MOVING ON LETTING GO HOLDING ON TO TOMORROW I ALWAYS GOT THE MEMORIES WHILE IM FINDING OUT WHO IM GONNA BEEEE WE MIGHT BE APART BUT I HOPE YOU ALWAYS KNOW ILL BE WITH YOU WHEREVER YOU GOOOOO!!!!!!SORRY my sister told me to do that and i didnt want to make her feelings so i did but anyway this is the end of what i had to say sooo bye from both of us

    Written by: Caitlyn McFueler and Lexi Gray 🙂

  6. Jayba

    Wow, i learned how to draw that so fast!!!! My friend’s B-Day is coming up in like 3 days!!!! She’ll love it, cuz she loves unicorns!!! thanx!!!!

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