1. Hannah

    Out of all the tutorials on hands that I have found I think this one helped the most! You could add more in describing how long to make each of the figures, and add something about how to draw a hand sideways and give more positions. But besides that I think it’s really great!

  2. Kuro

    that didn’t help. I’ve tried all of the techniques but nothing. My hands still look like a freaky alien. A little too dramatic on the differences between the two hands from male to female. Very easy to get the length of the fingers wrong as well. I was actually looking for how to make the palm and the fingers look…real.

  3. madz

    i will try to follow the instructions in drawing manga… i hope it will help me improve my drawing skills so that i can draw better in the manga that i am working on….

  4. this really helps me, . i wanted to draw magas, . i’m interested to this tutorials, . please send me messages about it, .,. i want to be upated.., please notify me, . thanks , .

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