1. Angel Crystal the hedgewolf

    To Moo moo cow….How dare You say that…Shadow is not evil..Anyways…I like your drawing…LOVE SHADOW FOREVER!!!!

  2. Midnight

    i usualy draw stuff my friends cant draw but for some reson this was hard to do and my friend that cant draw for the life of him thought this was easy any ways SHADOW ROCKS!!!

  3. Dan da Man

    Moo moo cow sucks shadow is the best and that is a fact and he’s sonic’s brother do if u hate shadow u hate sonic’s family including sonic!

  4. Iluvshadow

    I agree with everyone against Moo moo cow. Shadow isn’t evil he is cool and he is my favourite sonic character. Moo moo cow couldn’t beat shadow in a million years!! So haha 😉

  5. first time drawer 67

    Nothing like moo mmo cow im eleven tees old and this drawing was a piece of cake no deal to Me moo moo cow sucks at drawing in comparison

  6. Doesntmatta

    Don’t listen to the previous reply. I thought the drawing was great! I mean I was already good at drawing Shadow, but this helped me a lot!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanx so much bro! O, and FYI MooMooCow, Shadow is not evil. He’s just always mad, but he will always do what is right in the end! Example: Sonic 06. Shadow helped Sonic and Silver save the galaxy by defeating Solaris!!!!!!!! So STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You’re right. Shadow is also stubborn at some times,but l think that Shadow is a great character to have.l mean,he can be a good person,if you know some things about him,right?

  7. MooMooCow

    Hated the drawing i mean who would like shadow he is a evil little meanie i mean my gramma runs faster than him

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