1. Blackman

    Still your draw is pro, this is adult Goku, battle damaged (vs Frieza i think)

    This is adult Gohan :

    This is adult Gohan from an aleternative future :

    AND this is adult Goku (Namek period) :


  2. SayiNchick

    I dont get it. You call Gohan Goku and Goku Gihan. Yet your instuctions are yousful. And you dont even watch the show!

    • admin

      I’m confused…I had it one way and changed it because somebody told me that I had it wrong. Now you are telling me that I have it wrong after I fixed it. That means it was right the first time. I am in my 30s so I don’t watch this show. Can you please tell me … is this Goku?

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