1. O_O

    Whoa this is hard! I messed up on the positioning but I managed to fix it by basing it off the pictures. Now, how do I draw him getting sliced up by Ichigo? Jk xD (Bleach Fan :P)

  2. Will

    This advice is actually pretty spectacular. I studied art, and am a pretty good painter, but I’ve always sucked at drawing figures from my head. I’ve tried my entire life to really get my figures to look realistic. The advice here on how to draw superman was ridiculously effective for some reason. My first try was one of the best figures from my head I’ve ever done. By about the 3rd or 4rth try I drew something that really f***ng looked like Superman. I was non-stop figure drawing for two whole days when I combined the advice here with other advice on how to draw women. Figures in all kinds of poses. The advice on how to handle feet and shoulders with these simple guide lines is bloody perfect (I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to use guide lines for years… I could always do heads and faces, but never bodies). Spot on dude. 🙂

    People need to understand that what he’s telling you is where to place your guide lines. You need to add a little more detail (read about line weight and how to draw muscles) and shading (read about different styles of shading) to really make it look perfect.

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