1. Girl

    This has really helped me for my homework. Thank you so much. It’s really cool how it all comes together. The 2 point perspective is really good and useful for drawings.

  2. Christine

    Thanks for so many wonderful tutorials, from the fundamentals like this one, to the much more complex human form. I’ve only started drawing within the last six months, so your site has been like walking into Chanel with a black Amex. Thanks again!

  3. Lee

    can you please do more advanced ones. My art teacher thought us this but it was too easy, so please do hard ones for non-beginners. Thank You

  4. Mystic

    Wow! Thanks so much, great starter. Please do some more detailed houses, like modern ones, as that is what I need to be an architect – More great inspiration, please! Thanks ever so much again.

  5. I love this page It makes me a artist and I know art is the way we live by the hands of God. Art of nature. Thanks for all your help for children. This site helps me become an design artist.

  6. Jujillle

    Wow this is nice.In the school im the very dirty wark on the whole classroom and now my work is now clean this is my assignment and i can understand and im 9years old.Thank you so much!!!!

  7. Jolynn

    I hade so much fun doing this can you do a wizard of oz drawing next time! I love your drawings :3 even though I am just 9 years old!!!!!!

  8. Allison S

    I really enjoyed this tutorial i adapted it a little to my own personal taste with my fountain pen. This was my first attempt at a perspective drawing so it came out a little wonky but i am very happy the results. thank you for the simple tutorial. I have learned a lot from this site in two days thank you.

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