1. Riley mia


  2. Hannah

    Thanks for the steps on anna mine looks Allot like her and thanks for Olaf aswell he is so cute on my wall I just need to do ELSA now that’s all I hav time for haha lol

  3. Thanks so much for you help mine looks nothing like that because I am a bad drawer that’s all but you are great at drawing would you be able to draw Sven, Elsa, Anna and the hole lot of frozen my cousins like frozen I have one boy and a girl. Also my brother likes it he is 3 he wants to watch it every day but dad always goes no no no no no all day long so please can you draw the others thanks.
    Oh I forgot to tell you my name is Madysyn people call Mady and thank agin I really hope you can draw the people I requested for <3.

  4. Rosy


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