1. Diana

    It was pretty easy to draw cause sometimes when it comes to drawing people like that it’s hard but I am a pretty good artist in drawing other things well that what people say

  2. Unknown

    This was soooo hard! But it got done.
    I tweaked it a little, so it doesn’t look like all of it, I’m soooo tired right now

  3. Jackie

    Oof, that one took me a while….but I got it, thanks to your steps! I’m really proud of it and all of the drawings I’ve done with this website! Draw on!

  4. Annabeth

    Thank you so much! This was very helpful! Mine isn’t perfect,(Anna’s head is too big and Olaf is too small) but I’m sure that I’ll get it with practice. The complex drawing was surprisingly easy thanks to your simple steps. Again, thank you so much, it’s really amazing!

  5. lorraine

    THANK YOU for sharing your inovative way of tutoring. Iam pleased to say that I am impressed with my own drawing! X

  6. You weren’t kidding when you said this was hard it took me almost 2 hours to draw it and I messed up on Elsa’s eyes she came out looking like an ailen

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