1. Katie

    Hello, i have enjoyed drawing your batmans and chibis but i wonderd if you could do more themes. Like halloween, christmas, easter and all that. It’d be great if you did. Thanks for your time.

    • admin

      Hi Lily! Thanks for your comment! Well, it depends. If I am drawing one of my own characters then I first draw it, usually in Photoshop, but sometimes on paper. Then I draw it again, but this time slowly and with screen capture software (this software videos whatever is on my screen). It takes a lot of thinking for me because I want to try to draw it in a way that my viewers will find easy to follow along with. My husband then puts the video up. I then have to stop and pause the video to take screenshots of each step. I then put it on the site. Let me know if you have any questions about this. 🙂

  2. Lily

    Well, sorry I didn’t reply earlier but I really love Taylor swift, so I would love it if you could do a tutorial on that

  3. Lily

    This is amazing!! I made a chib I Elsa, Anna and now an Olaf! I really enjoy drawing your chibi characters! They are so cute!! Could you put a tutorial on some chibi singers? I don’t know if that’s what you do but I hope so! Thanks so much ~ lily

    • admin

      Hi there Lily. Thank you for your comments…they made me very happy! What do you mean chibi singers…like specific ones?

  4. Hannah Ison

    I came across your website recently and LOVE it! It is so helpful. I have been drawing Elsa, Anna, and Olaf. I was wondering if you could do another one on Anna from Frozen, and maybe a couple on the main characters from the animated movie EPIC. Thank you! P.S. We also told our best friend about this website and she loves it! ~Hannah

    • admin

      I think your comment might be one of my favorite comments ever posted on my site. Thank you…you made my day. I will put Epic on my list of to-do tutorials. Thanks for the suggestion!!

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