1. Sir, I do not understand one bit. Are you a mathematic teacher? I do not see the reason why you are putting marks everywhere. I may sound rude to you by asking this question but are you a mathematic teacher

  2. chris

    I am having a lot of trouble with vanishing points and perspectives. How do you get 3 vanishing points in a supposidely 1 point perspective drawing?

    • Carol Hammond

      the chair on the right side of the picture was drawn with two point perspective because it is placed at an angle to the rest of the room…the other items are drawn using one point perspective because they are lined up with the room’s walls and you are looking at them head on rather than at an angle.

  3. Indie-Mae

    Thank you very much for this, it has really helped me in the understanding of how to line draw! This is suppa fantastic, thanks 🙂

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