1. Janet Fematt

    Bob is my favorite he is amazing I love his big different color eyes and I love how he loves tim. He’s always holding him too and that makes bob my favorite minion.

  2. SusieLovesBob

    I love bob so much. He is strong, confident, kind, and so muscular…hehe. Honestly we LOVE A SKINNY MINION LEGEND. I thoroughly would like to thank you for this tutorial because I love bob so much. I have posters of him in my room and plan to be him for Halloween every year until I can’t celebrate any more. I is 8 years and couldn’t love any living or non living creature more than I love bob the minion. He makes my heart race and flutter. Hopefully one day we can share a banana split together on a romantic date together in the city of love, Singapore.

  3. Iranian girl

    thats fantastic…thanks a lot for teaching step by step…BOB is my favorite one..i l♥v him esp his bear…thanks a lot…:)

  4. IzzyCage

    I looove Bob! The hardest part of drawing him was the bottom of his shoe!!! But the tutorial made drawing Bob soooo easy! Thanks…

  5. Daniell

    Bob is my favorite minion me and my sisters loved the movie. Thank you for having this and all of your tutorials!

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