1. Satyen Banerjee.

    Your drawing process is perfectly scientific and methodical .It is very easy to memorise.

  2. As you know, there is no school right now. I am an elementary art teacher trying to help students with their art online.
    Would it be okay to copy and paste a few of your pages (with your site name) into a slide show for my students?
    I cannot let the site link directly to the internet due to system restrictions regarding online student safety, but they will have the online address if they want to go there with an adult’s permission.
    This site is VERY helpful and fits perfectly into what I am trying to teach them.

  3. Mary W.

    Thank you. I am a self taught artist always trying to improve plus trying to get my grandchildren started out properly.

  4. Mark

    Information here is useful, easy to grasp. I had forgotten about head measurements in proportionality that they taught me in art classes, years ago. This is wonderful stuff. Thanks.

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