How to Draw a Cartoon Repairman or Dad Trying to Fix or Build Something

How to Draw a Cartoon Repairman or Dad Trying to Fix or Build Something

Here is a great cartoon to draw for Fathers Day or for your Dad. It could be your dad trying to fix or repair something. It could also be a repairman or general contractor is fixing things around your house. Either way, it will be super fun for you to draw and it shouldn’t be too hard with these basic instructions.

How to Draw a Cartoon Repairman Trying to Fix or Build Something

How to Draw a Cartoon Repairman Trying to Fix or Build Something

Step 1


Draw an oval for the body. Draw a shape that is similar to a capital letter ‘D’ for the head.

Step 2


– Draw #6 shaped eye and a letter ‘C’ ear and a ? mouth.

– Draw an oval and a ‘?’ shape to the right of the face.

Step 3


– Draw a few lowercase letter ‘r’ shapes.

– Draw a backwards capital letter ‘G’ nose.

– Draw a letter ‘T’ in the ear and a curved line under the mouth.

– Draw another oval.

– Draw a ?-like shape at the bottom left of the body-oval.

Step 4


– Draw a sideways #9-like shape to the left of the head.

– Draw a #2-like shape in the collar.

– Draw 2 lines for each arm and and an oval to the right of each arm.

– Just like a bubble-letter, draw a bubble-number 7 for the top of the pants.

– Draw 2 lines over the ear for the pencil.

Step 5


– Draw #91 to the left of the body.

– Draw a capital letter ‘J’ in the bottom hand…as well as an oval to the right of it. Draw a few ovals for the top hand.

– For the pencil…draw a capital letter ‘Y’ for the tip and 2 curved lines for the eraser.

– For the left leg : draw 2 inwards curved lines with an oval at the bottom of it.

– For the right leg : draw a rectangle.

Step 6


– Draw a bubble letter explanation mark for the left shoe.

– Draw a curved line at the top of the #91 shape for the notepad.

– Work on the hands…by using the outlining the ovals & letter ‘J’ shape that you drew in the last step.

– For the ladder…draw 2 overlapping, upside down letter ‘V’ shapes….they now look like a letter ‘M’ shape.

– Draw a rectangle shape…that is rotated a bit so that the part of the rectangle that is closer to us is a bit wider.

– Draw a triangle next to the ladder.

Step 7


– Draw a rectangle within the repair man’s hands.

– Draw a smaller triangle within the original triangle.

– Use the original lines that you drew for the ladder to draw more of it.

Step 8


– Draw letter ‘C’ shapes on the top of the notepad.

– Outline the bubble explanation point for the outside of the shoe.

– Lightly draw a jelly bean shape for the right shoe.

– Draw a capital letter ‘E’ shape for the bottom stair.

– Draw a line below the right shoe and also draw a letter-‘v’ like shape for the metal part (I highlighted it).

Step 9


– Darken important lines and erase the guidelines (blue in this tutorial).

Finished Repairman

How to Draw a Cartoon Repairman Trying to Fix or Build Something

And here is the finished man who is fixing or repairing something. He could be a contractor or he could be your dad just trying to fix or repair something around the house. I hope that you had fun and that your picture turned out great!

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