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    BLIND CONTOUR DRAWING EXERCISES & LESSONS : How to Draw in Blind Contour with Tutorials

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    Blind Contour Drawing : A Classic Drawing Exercise

    Blind Contour Drawing : A Classic Drawing Exercise

    Blind Contour drawing is a favourite with drawing teachers to develop hand-eye communication. Contour drawing is essentially outline drawing, and blind contour drawing means drawing the outline of the subject without looking at the paper. The end result doesn't matter - what is important is carefully observing the subject.

    Blind Contour Drawing: Drawing by Touch

    Blind Contour Drawing: Drawing by Touch

    Blind contour drawing is drawing the contour outline of your subject without looking at your paper. To demonstrate this, make your courser follow the edges of this page without looking at your mouse. Pretty easy isn't it? If your mouse had been a pencil, you would have drawn the rectangle on your screen onto your paper.

    Blind Contour Drawing

    Blind Contour Drawing

    Blind contour drawing means you draw the edge of an object without looking at the drawing as you do it.

    Blind Contour Drawing and the Tactile Imagination - It follows that the essential in the art of painting— as distinguished from the art of colouring, I beg the reader to observe —is somehow to stimulate our consciousness of tactile values, so that the picture shall have at least as much power as the object represented, to appeal to our tactile imagination"

    Contour and Blind Contour Drawing - Blind Contour Drawing: Blind contour drawing infers that one is not looking at the figure. In fact, the process of blind contour drawing is just the opposite. You must look only at the figure and "feel" your way across the paper.

    Drawing Tutorials : Drawing Your Hand Without Looking At It - In this drawing tutorial, you are going to do a blind contour drawing exercise to further sharpen your sense of touch and sight. Expect to become more sensitive and perceptive! A blind contour drawing is similar to a contour drawing except that you look at your object all the time, not at your drawing paper. Hence, the term “blind”.

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