1. I think the idea of having a step by step website of how to draw is wicked there is this girl in my class called cheyeene and she is wicked at drawing so people ask her to teach them how to draw stuff on wet play I shut them right up and they were asking me to help em draw stuff OMG this website is amazing u have a regular comer on ur hands 🙂


  2. admin

    Hi Horselover, please click on the next page link when this happens – there are so many pictures in a tutorial that sometimes I put it on more than one page.

  3. Eksimar

    I always thought i draw very bad, But when my friend told me about this website, in my family or in my school everyone says i am the no. 1 artist in My school / family :))

  4. christina

    hi this step by step thing is going great i love it. i traded my best folloing the steps it didnt come out how iit was suppoed to i am not that good of a drawer.

  5. Brandon


    can you teach me how to draw other characters.

    it is soooo easy with the step by step part thank you!

    this drawing will impress my friends!


  6. koteswararao

    I loved how to draw by step by step please send some ideas and teach me how to crative cartoons type characters.

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