1. chipkali

    i m really very happy to get this step by step drawing .i would like to learn more and more drawing and paintings with the help of this.THANK YOU

  2. Dan Povenmire

    Very good! But you forgot the “threes” (or in this case “Backward threes” because he is looking screen left) in all the characters’ ears. Plus, although it has been known to happen, Ferb almost never lowers his eyelids. This would be a huge show of emotion for him. We keep him bug-eyed in 99% of the drawings.

    • admin

      WOW WOW WOW!!! I am very star struck. I am a huge fan of you and all of the shows that you have worked with. Thanks for the advice and I will update the tutorial soon to reflect your advice…I wouldn’t want Ferb to show any sort of emotion. 🙂


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