1. it is so easy and so fun at the same time but i got a bit stuck with the shirt but the whole thing but the shirt bit was very easy and fun i loved working and having fun drawing the best thing in the world and that is Winnie the Pooh ta ta for now ; )

  2. ash

    amazing! i love it! the shirt didn’t come out as i thought it would (hint hint) but it still was a great lesson thing thx!

  3. Ray

    The instruction is fabulous. Drawing the shirt is to just do it until you have it down enough in your mind to do it. i am a newbie to drawing. I use to have a tough time drawing a straight line much less drawing anything that even resembled what I wanted to draw. The name of the game is patience. You have to clear your mind of anything that is a distraction and make sure you have a big eraser.:)
    I do the drawings and then show them to my friends and I don’t tell them who the character is I let them guess and almost everyone of them knew it immediately who the character was. So, I knew I was definitely improving which is the name of the game also. it is a great past time and who knows some day you may become famous but first you have to learn patience.

    • admin

      Wow! You are very mature to realize this already! You will be whatever you put your mind and heart to! Keep it up!

  4. I Followed All The Steps Without The Extra Steps
    To Me The Shirt Steps Were Pretty Clear All You Had To Do Was Copy It Down Then
    Touch It Up. Good Job And Thanks (:

  5. Marissa

    I found this to be a really simple way to learn how to draw pooh and drawing the shirt was simple too. Thank you for the help!!!!!!!!

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