1. Doodle Bop

    I drew this and it was only a little worse than yours! Thanks so much, the ones that I tried drawing without instructions looked like a potato with glasses!! 😂😂😂

  2. Amy

    I’m having a tiny bit of trouble with the ears. I’m drawing this right now all the steps are awesome the only thing is if I erase the ears anymore, I’ll rip the paper! XD Can you help?

  3. Me Myself and I

    And all this time I thought you were a guy…oops
    The steps were nice and simple and the finished picture looked just like Daniel Radcliffe!! I had a little trouble with the nose but that’s just because I can’t draw noses so… (heheh. when I erased it the first time I saw Harry Potter for the first time with a Voldemort nose) Thanks a bunch admin!! AKA Rachel

  4. Kai

    thank you sooooooo much!!! this really helped because I cant draw so well and it came out cool. i love it !! i hope I get an A!!

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