1. Mary Logan

    My son loves My Little Pony. Your tutorials have helped me be successful drawing them for him. He is so impressed! I’m impressed too! Thank you so much! I’m really enjoying drawing them with your steps.

  2. Kaitlyn

    After you do Rainbowdash, I recommend do another pony a bit harder than this. I recommend not to do Princess Celestia cause I tried her after doing Rainbowdash and Celestia turned out terrible! She was too chubby, her wings were too tiny, her hair was a globed mess, her accessories were like scribble designes, and her cutie mark turned out to be a big, wavy ball of NOTHINGNESS!!! She looked absolutely HIDIOUSE!!! So that is why I recommend not to try Princess Celestia after Rainbowdash.

  3. when i made it on a piece of paper and i was like *i hope this will be great!* well when i was done it turned out to be so awesome! Thanks!

  4. Yoshi

    Thanks for this! My first drawing since high school (And even then I could not draw to save my life) 5-6 years ago and it turned out fantastic!

  5. Josh

    Hi 😀

    This tutorial is AWESOME! it really helped me with my drawing 🙂 it’s so simple to follow and always gets great results

    Thanks 🙂

  6. raspykitty117

    a bit hard tutorial, ( dont use tutorials much and i can absolutely NOT draw anything good :3) but a good tut i guess, keep up the good work, folks and other.
    (except me)

  7. Thank you very much for making this and the other mlp tutorials! I wasn’t the best artist before but this help boost some confidence.

    • admin

      Thank you for writing…I’m so glad that it boosted your confidence. Just try to see the basic shapes within and you will see that it isn’t so hard.

  8. Dylan

    HI, I was wondering, if you’re awesome tutorial works also for, like paper… because im not sure how to draw on the computer… THANKS!

    • admin

      Yes….When I make the tutorials…I am doing the tutorial for people drawing on paper or computer. Most people use the tutorials for paper.

  9. Tommy

    I’m probably going to use this method of drawing for a series of animations I will be publishing on youtube. Thanks!

  10. Steven

    thank you very much. after using this, i was able to then free hand rainbow dash. thank you again. and would you possibly have one for fluttershy?

  11. I’m glad I did my little pony right cute I am like a artist and I am! yeah I am a artist of the museum of fine arts! yes It’s true I’am not stupid!

  12. Cpl. Aasnes

    First awesome drawing i ever made. At the age of 20. great tutorial, would be awesome with some tutorial on how to do different poses. Love the tips of drawing 3 shaped wings, m shaped hair and so on, makes it alot easier.

  13. Scion

    Hi, I want to use the profiles of the 6 mane characters for a set of mugs I’m going to get printed

    Is it alright if I use these images of yours? and could I please request some larger resolutions. They are very well made and hope to admire your work while drinking my daily coffee 😀

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