1. thanks this is awesome mine turned out great and alot of my art inspiration came from this website so keep making more can i suggest some anime step by step thanks

  2. George

    Several years ago I went to the public school where my children attended and from children’s library books I would have the little ones draw on paper following what I drew on the blackboard.
    If I had your technique to follow at that time it would have been a terrific plus for me as you have made it so very simple for us non artists to give lessons for the youngsters to relate to.
    I will have fun with this and who knows I might even entertain the kids at our trailer park while giving them the confidence to draw.
    So I wish to thank you for sharing your drawing techniques and keep it going, it’s great fun.

  3. admin

    Thanks Anika. I just posted Apple Bloom. I have to figure out how to make tutorials quicker. I’m so detail oriented that it takes me hours to make each one. Is that why my tutorials help you – I was wondering if my way of teaching is silly (finding letters and numbers in the shapes) or if you think that is why my tutorials work for you.

  4. Anika

    Please please keep making more! Here are some of my ideas. You shoulders applebloom,scootlaoo and sweetie bell and all the characters that are nt as popular.Thanks 🙂

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