1. Maple Tree :)

    i thought the headband was that little streak of white in her hair? or is it just the way i drew it? 🙂

    • admin

      hmmm…I might have drawn it as a headband but it definitely was supposed to be the streak in her hair. 🙂

  2. Elsa

    Thank you so much for these wonderful tutorials. I have had a great increase in my drawing skills and I love your work. Next comes Olaf!
    (P.S. My name really is Elsa, little odd and was shocked when the movie came out! XD)
    Thanks so much!

  3. Me Myself and I

    I tried to draw it, but I have a really hard time sketching faces. I can never get them to look right. I’m going to try the Olaf drawing tutorial next. Hopefully that will turn out better. Thanks anyway admin!!

  4. Anna luver

    Omg amazing instructions also I didn’t want to use my real name if that’s okay. I am 12 yrs old and the drawing came out EXACTLY like yours thank you so much for the extremely helpful steps!!!

  5. Jackie

    I love Frozen A LOT. I’ve drawn Chibi Elsa, Chibi Anna, Anna (as a teenager), this picture, about 12 Elsa pictures, Kristoff, well, practically all the Frozen characters. (By the way, I’m an artist.) but out of ALL the websites I’ve gotten templates and help from, I think I visit this one the most. My drawings turn out EXACTLY HOW I WANT THEM TO in the end, and I’m always proud of each and every one of them. Even though I have a 3 inch filing folder full of my Frozen drawings….this website is so helpful. I love how the geometric shapes are simple but twit ha little but of detail can become something much more. I’m looking forward to more Frozen posts! How about more Anna’s? I think I would like that—I have too many Elsa’s. Lol.

    Thanks for the helpful instructions and for a great go-to drawing website! Keep up the wonderful work! Have a Happy New Year and best of luck in 2015!!


    (Btw, can you also add how to color them? That would be interesting. Thanks ;))

  6. These pictures are the best!!!!!!!!!!!

    But I HATE the noses in some of the drawings.

    I have drew elsa anna and the other anna I’m 8 years old and my drawing is AMAZING!!!!!!!!
    I’ve done alot and alot of practice.

    Whenever I’m going to draw this is the website I go on to I’m the best person at at in my class for 3times in a row and I’m only in grade 3 this is ACTUALY TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I’m kind of confused on one part how large shoud I draw her head?

    In the vid her head is a lot smaller than what you show in the picture drawings

    So should I make her head bigger or smaller or medium?

    much help

    • admin

      Hi there Margie. I’m sorry that the different in size confused you. Both tutorials are exactly the same…I just zoomed in on the picture drawing one. You can make the head as big as you want as long as your paper is big enough. I hope this answers your questions. Thanks…Rachel

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