1. Tiffany

    I kind of agree that it gives you a nice place to start, but you mention adding more u shapes and heart shapes, but where are the u shapes? Also, if you haven’t done shading before or need tips to improve shading, it would be nice if those were included as it looks like there is shading in your drawing. It did help to get the basic shape to start working with though. Thank you!

  2. Alicia Danowski

    You make it look SOOOOOOOOOOOOO easy and beautiful, but mine, not so good. I guess I’ll just keep on dreaming and practicing. Thank you.

  3. KJ

    There are about 15 missing steps between step 4 and the finished drawing, but none of them are shown or explained. This tutorial is a nice start, and shows how to create a great base/sketch it absolutely fails to give the kind of instruction that the drawing needs.

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