1. Joseph

    I love this show so much years back (2020) I watched some episodes and I liked it so much I wish it didn’t end­čś×

  2. Aliasx7

    I can do it now…thanks for your help….I hope that I can make a we bare bears comic because I love we bare bears so much….??

  3. thanks for the help I watch you’re show a lot. I love pan pan and ice bear is so quit I always wonder what would happen if him and his owner meet again, or if panda was sent back to that resort and if grizzly went with the fire fighter.

  4. Donald Trump

    Thank you this by far my favorite show and me and my brother love ice bear the tutorial was easy and it looks good ?

  5. Me Myself and I

    YES!!! YES YES YES!!! We Bare Bears! This is FOR SURE my FAVORITE Cartoon Network show! The steps were super simple and easy. This is a great tutorial for beginners!!
    (My favorite bear is Grizzly. Panda is too obsessed with his phone and Ice Bear is too fond of himself. But they’re all still AWESOME!!)

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