1. This is so good i recently got this for my little sister. she always shared with me. now i got top 3 in art contest! it was so easy and cute. i’ts so much better than searching on you-tube for complicating things.

  2. nevaeh

    thanks you for this it helped alot and i added my own little touches to my art it turned out great thank u

  3. I just bought the book on Amazon with these tutorials yesterday! I am SOO super excited to be able to visit your site! I left a five star review because I find the book so simple anyone can use it! Even children very young! Thank you very much & look forward to more comments from me and pins and shares too! I pinned the book through the Amazon recommendation option link and gplus! I will continue. Thanks again. You have a good thing going here keep up the blogging too!

    • admin

      Wow, Jeanine! Thank you so much for your beautiful comments, for the 5 star review, and for pinning the book. You are a sweetie pie and your comments gave me goosebumps. Thank you for making my day!!! <3

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